DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online is an massive multiplayer online role playing game. It revolves around creating your heroes and join forces with either the Justice League of America or with the Secret Society of Super Villains. You can read all about the story line here.

Ever since I got myself a PS4 console, I can’t put down the control and play this MMO. I am not a fan of MMOs, but because of the different heroes that you can possibly create in this game, I don’t easily get bored. This game has a PC version, but it is perfect for consoles, considering the different combo moves that you can do. Although, they say that the graphics on the PC is better, I still prefer the console version.

The attached image is my latest creation. A mix of the Green Arrow and the Green Lantern. The Power I used is Light, which is for Green Lantern and the weapon is a Bow, for the Green Arrow. The movement however, I chose skimming, because I can.

Anyway, check out their site over at DC Universe Online.

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