Designated Survivor: Gives me the thrills

Designated Survivor is an ongoing television series from ABC. It stars Kiefer Sutherland, that guy from 24.  A bomb exploded during the State of the Union address, therefore killing the President and his cabinet. As protocol, before the event, a cabinet member is assigned as a designated survivor, in this case, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Tom Kirkman (Sutherland’s character).

A designated survivor is someone, usually a cabinet member, who is secured in an undisclosed location when the President and the other country’s top leaders are gathered in a single location.  In short, this individual is a backup should something happen to the officials.

The Acting President

Kirkman was immediately sworn in following the attack. Since he didn’t run for office, as a result, many questioned his credibility of running a country. This is just one of many issues that he has to face. I couldn’t imagine what he must have felt.  All the emotions and questions running through his mind after the attack.

It is intriguing on how he handles day to day duties as a President. It is not easy juggling family and a country, especially with all the controversy and pressure of the job.  I cannot begin to understand the hard decisions a man of power makes that can affect a country.

The Investigator

As an FBI agent, Maggie Q is assigned to investigate the attack. She gets phone calls from an anonymous source, as a result, bringing her closer to the truth and to danger. Her scenes are really thrilling that it keeps you at the edge of your seat.

The 10th episode just air last Wednesday. I must say, every time I watch an episode, I tend to stick to my chair. I’ve read that the show will have 22 episodes. That’s really great. I just hope that the writers, directors and the cast do the show some justice.

I’ve read that the show will have 22 episodes. That’s really great, I just hope that the writers and directors can continue to improve the show.

Designated Survivor airs on Wednesdays at 10PM on ABC.

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