Riverdale: A take on the Archie comics

Riverdale just aired on The CW. I’ve been waiting for this show. The story line is a bit dark and shrouded with mystery, thus making it interesting. However, you can find a few alterations to the characters, especially Ms. Grundy, Moose and Reggie. There are a few well-known actors such as Luke Perry and Lochlyn Munro.

Character Backstories

The thing about this show is that the characters have their own backstories. Each character is facing with different issues, thus making the characters more human. I am more interested on how each story progresses and how it affects everyone in Riverdale.

The Riverdale Gang

We all know how red (or orange-red) Archie’s hair is and I like that the character in the show doesn’t have that bright colored hair. Betty and Veronica were more or less right on. Reggie, on the other hand, didn’t expect to be Asian (oops! SPOILER Alert). Moose is a bit smaller and Jughead a bit shorter.

Oh, Ms. Grundy? She is hot on this show. Check out Ms. Grundy.  Did I mention that Josie and the Pussy Cats are in the show too?

I just hope that the show doesn’t disappoint. Have you seen the 1st episode of Riverdale? How’d you find it?

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